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Introducing the                        System


Innovation without compromiseDiscover the Smartwhip System


High Quality European Grade N2O

Italian culinary expertise meets German engineering. Filled in Italy with 99.9% pure Italian Food Grade Nitrous Oxide and constructed in Germany in fully recyclable lightweight Aluminium. All the Smartwhip products from their raw materials to the gas are all sourced and fully produced in Europe under the strictest of EU quality and safety controls and are certified as made in EU and of EU origin.

Innovative Lightweight Design

Innovative lightweight aluminium design with more volume per cylinder. Smartwhip products are made to the highest of European standards with the German precision engineered lightweight aluminium and 100% food grade Italian Nitrous Oxide (N2O). A 640G Cylinder designed for todays demanding industrial kitchens.


Precision - Efficiency

The SmartWhip Cylinder contains 640g of nitrous oxide inside, the equivalent of 85 8g cream chargers. An 8g cream charger can produce about 0.5 litres of whip cream, and a can of Smartwhip can whip about 42.5 litres of whip cream. Therefore, unlike the 8g disposable charger, the Smartwhip uses a pressure regulator to adjust the output of nitrous oxide according to the amount of whipped cream to be whipped each time before it is used to prevent excess gas waste.

Sustainability built in

Sustainability is built into the SmartWhip system from production to recycling. The SmartWhip system is committed to Sustainablility from the production of Smartwhip cylinders using recyclable material to end user disposal. In fact, the design of the cylinder (which contains a much larger amount of Nitrous oxide) uses a lower amount of steel than traditional chargerers, which means that the manufacturing of Smartwhip has a lower pollution rate than that of traditional chargers.

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